When Hawker Culture in Singapore was nominated to the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, the National Heritage Board wanted to rally all of Singapore for the anticipation of the results.

The campaign’s focus was to appreciate and highlight all the efforts that go into building the nation’s “dining room”, and that of course begins with the Hawkers—the backbone of it all.

The #ThankYouHawkers campaign was carried out in three phases, aiming to spread awareness, educate and garner appreciation, and to celebrate the successful announcement of the inscription.

→ 2020

→ National Heritage Board

Creative Agency
→ The Secret Little Agency

Creative Director
→ Mavis Neo

Art Directors
→ Madeleine Poh, Shafik Basir, Goh Reika

→ Joyce Arriola, Megha Ramesh, Sarah Marie Goh

→ 8EyedSpud, Joy Ho, Yip Yew Chong, Arai Kreva, Lee Xinli

Social Campaign
Art Direction

Phase I

The #ThankYouHawkers film captures the familiar sights, sounds, and flavors of hawker culture, honing in on every detail that goes unnoticed and under-appreciated. The film aimed to highlight the amount of work Hawkers put in and to garner appreciation for them.

Phase II

The #ThankYouHawkers Sketch-Off invited four local illustrators to materialize thank you messages the public had left for the Hawkers. These illustrations were then seen across social platforms as well as on banners that were displayed around hawker centres across the country.

Phase III

With the success of its inscription, a grand illustration was revealed to congratulate Singapore and her hardworking Hawkers who have kept the culture alive. These illustrations were seen across various assets announcing the inscription by UNESCO.