Still Life

Is the physical preservation of a human body comparable to the preservation of one’s memories in a chatbot?

In this publication, Still Life aims to explore the depths and various fields under the umbrella of preservation. Sectioned into three parts, the articles span insights from art, technology, to archaeology, and aim to disrupt and carry discussion around the way people view the topic.

→ 2019

Completed during my course of study at the Glasgow School of Art Singapore.

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I. Best Before

From contemporary works made out of elephant dung, to the winning food preservation method in the 19th century, this section covers how we prevent our most prized possessions from decaying.

II. In Life & In Death

The tension between life and death exists in many aspects of our lives—especially in the preserved forms of those who have gone. One would wonder whether these preserved subjects serve the living or dead.

III. Saved As

When capturing photos isn't enough to hold onto memories, or to immortalize a legacy or being, we turn to modern technology.