Singapore Tales

With the whole world on pause and Singapore in the face of a lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the National Heritage Board needed an engaging idea to keep spirits high. A series of interactive Singapore tales was created to keep young families and the general community entertained on the National Heritage Board's social platforms.

→ 2020

→ National Heritage Board

Creative Agency
→ The Secret Little Agency

Creative Director
→ Mavis Neo

Art Directors
→ Madeleine Poh, Goh Reika

→ Joyce Arriola, Sarah Marie Goh

Art Direction
Social Campaign​

Singapore Tales I:
Attack of the Swordfish

The first of its series, Attack of the Swordfish , was narrated by the charming Benjamin Kheng. As he narrated the legend, he called for the public to submit audition tapes for the various roles to play within the story. The final video was a compilation of all the submissions, presenting ourselves with our very own re-creation of the popular local tale.

Singapore Tales II:
Badang the Magnificent

Badang the Magnificent was narrated by the humorous Chua En Lai. This time, we rounded up 4 iconic influencers favored within their own fields to compete for the title of the strongest, rock-hurling Badang. From a radio DJ to a professional MMA fighter, to widely loved actors—Rozz Lee, Amir Khan, Jay Nesh and Siti Khalijah flexed their creative muscles. The winner was then voted for on our social platforms.