People tend to view seniors as though they are a different species, when in fact, they’re wiser and experts in their own right. They are literally walking humans of history!

Lore, a podcast app seizes this chance to build empathy between seniors and young adults through a series of podcasts told by seniors. From love to politics, rebellions to dances, audiences would have a wide variety of personal anecdotes to chuckle, cry, and take history lessons from.

→ 2018

Completed during my course of study at the Glasgow School of Art Singapore.

Brand Identity


Casual and systemic stereotypes have led to ageism, causing a lack of empathy between generations in Singapore. With a rapidly ageing population, we need to find ways to bridge the gap between young adults and seniors.


To show, not tell people that our seniors are more similar than we think. This would be done through a “Chicken Soup for the Soul” type podcast app containing personal life stories told by seniors.