Goh Reika

Jai Intensity

In an effort to revitalise the niche sport, Jai Intensity is an app consisting of AR-gamified workouts that make the sport accessible.

Pelotaris (players) can grasp the game's basics, engage in "real-time" play, all while enjoying a workout.

Young Shits Winner (Professional Category)
Art Direction
Market Research
In collaboration with Sarah Marie Goh (Copywriter).

Ballet with bullets

To bring the sport back to life by making it accessible to all, through a series of AR-gamified workouts. The app, “Jai Alai” will recruit new pelotaris (players) worldwide where they’ll have the opportunity, to learn about the sport and experience exhilarating gameplay all while working out.


Get familiar with Jai Alai through a series of light training sessions to learn game terms, rules, and basic moves. The following is an example of what you may find under the “Learn” section.


After training, it’s time to get playing. Play Jai Alai in real-time matches through a series of AR-led workouts, inspired by classic Jai Alai moves. This is where you'll get tested on your speed, stamina, and agility.

The following is an example of one of the challenges available under “Play”.
Browse for ways to improve your gameplay or search for workouts to target specific muscle groups.
Track your progress as a pelotari. Levels achieved are marked by the colour of your faja sash.