Anywhere can happen

“Singapore is boring”—that’s what many Singaporeans will tell you. And especially so in the midst of a pandemic, where people are feeling more trapped than ever. The horror!

Zig is here to challenge that. As ComfortDelGro’s new lifestyle mobility app, the app’s got a few features up its sleeves to get Singaporeans excited about the sunny little island again.

→ 2021

→ Zig by ComfortDelGro

Creative Agency
→ The Secret Little Agency

Creative Directors
→ Nicholas Ye, Mavis Neo, Viraj Chouhan

Junior Art Director
→ Goh Reika

Production Companies
→ Fernando Livschitz, The Quiet Lab

Integrated Campaign
Brand Identity

Singapore isn't boring.
You are.

We conducted research and created headlines that challenged Singapore as to whether Singapore was really that boring, or whether it was the people’s mindsets. These were accompanied with life textures, which celebrated and further emulated Zig's brand mission.